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PhD Research scholars interested in working with us in the Computer Science Research Projects are welcome.

At Integrity Solutions we are working on research level software programming and generally interested in supervising PhD research in all aspects of programming languages. More specifically, the interaction of programming languages, Enterprise Web Technologies, Data Mining, Mobile Computing, Reporting and computer security which is an exciting new research area.

We have strength here in both programming language and computer security research.

India prides itself in having one of the largest technical manpower in the world. Her software industry has seen tremendous growth -- over 50% each year during the last 10 years -- which is the envy of many software exporting countries throughout the world. The students from India's top science and technology educational institutions are highly sought after by research universities in the US and Europe. India is one of just half a dozen countries to have successfully built and deployed their own satellites and launch vehicles. These accomplishments indicate that there is excellent potential for high-caliber research.

Computer Science (CS) research in India started in earnest only in the mid-80's, triggered by the establishment of post-graduate programs in many institutions throughout the country at that time. Today, almost all areas of computer science research are covered by researchers in India, including topics that are "hot" elsewhere such as multi-media, workflow automation, virtual reality, and hardware-software co-design. The territory covered by Indian researchers is impressive. Most of the research problems tackled are of current interest globally. Some of the research has even attracted international attention, including work on neuro-fuzzy systems, machine learning, genetic and neural algorithms, the modeling and control of flexible manufacturing systems, speech synthesis, databases, and complexity theory.

Many computer science researchers in India have endeavoured to carry out high caliber research in spite of limited infrastructure and resources to conduct and communicate their research.


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