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Maintenance / Upgrading / Enhancement

Maintaining and upgrading is a continuous process that starts after the development and implementation of the software product. With rapid technological advancements, every business needs to upgrade its software application to meets the changing environment. On the other hand with new bugs and problems arising day-by-day, continuous maintenance is essential for software applications. We develop software products with quality system architecture that can be easily maintained and upgraded as per future requirements.

Our clients benefit by being able to utilize across our talent pool on need basis instead of retaining fulltime resources in a required skill. In addition, under the same contract we include new software development features and continue to provide our experience with software development lifecycle.

Key Points
Maintenance-specific methodology
Supporting process, systems and tools
Very strong, reliable code
Issue turnaround SLA guarantee
Issue Escalation process
Engineer Education: Minimum 4-Years computer science education
Engineer Experience: Minimum 2-Years, combined > 200 man-years

Skill Set
Cross-platform programming skills
Product maintenance experience
Multiple OS, tools, technology skills
Algorithmic / fundamental computer science strengths

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